Auto driver murdered?

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By uday

The blast that took place on Sunday near the Masonic hall to be precise had killed Abdulgaffar alias Arabsab Dastgirsab Kalaigar (65) resident Azad Nagar.

But now the police are investigating another angle to the blast. The blast seems to be from the LPG but a few persons were seen with the auto before the blast took place, eyewitness told. For about 15 mins some discussion was going on of four people with the auto driver and after that the blast occurred.

The blast has happened in the MLIRC area when the chief of army staff is arriving in Belgaum on the 14th. Some say this might have been done with this visit in mind also.

It may be anything but Belgaum is no more peaceful. The Shintre world hampered Belgaum a few days ago and now this blast. The civic polls are to be held on 28th and Ganesh festival begins on the 15th. The police are already under huge pressure and when such a thing happens they will be under immense workload.

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