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Belgaumites making stirdes in IT : From Belgaum concerns

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This story has been published in my associate blog:
Startup Vayavya unveils automated device driver generator
BENGALURU, India — Vayavya Labs is launching an automated device driver generator framework that the company claims will bring discipline through its formal language-based approach. Device driver generation is error prone and hard to maintain since there is no standard process across diverse platforms. Vayavya said its DDGen generator framework addresses these problems while reducing development time and coding effort.
The beta version, now undergoing testing with two semiconductor manufacturers, supports PCI drivers and will eventually support USB and Ethernet. It currently supports Linux and TI BIOS operating systems.
“Device generation by tools has mainly been a research topic. Those who attempted it did so purely from a hardware (device) aspect or from a software point of view,” said R.K. Patil, CEO and co-founder of Vayavya (Belgaum, India). Patil said some researchers focused on “how to capture the register and its programming part, and then went on generate various device access methods. But for some reason, no attempt to capture the software needs while generating the device access methods was made.” Read Full Story

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