Walking on the Moon, Made easy in Belgaum

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By uday

Yes Belgaumites, it’s the truth. See these two pictures. One is taken from the Internet, which shows the surface of the moon and another one shows the Roads of Belgaum. dn7692 1 250cutmoon
The difference between the two is very minimal.
These pictures are taken on Congress Road. Potholes are on both sides of the road. But the commendable thing is that all of them are in the center of the road. All these are in the road being maintained by the Cantonment Board. The congress road till Kagal(Nanawadi)cross is under the cantonment board Belgaum. The authorities had to fill these potholes with mud atleast have done nothing. See the video also its exactly in front of the main gate of Military Mahadev. This is the most dangerous one Infact daily people going in speed have to put on brakes and at least a couple of people fall down nearby this potholes braking in speed. IMG 0841 IMG 0844

Not only this road but also many roads in the outer suburbs are in more bad condition. But amongst them all those coming under the Cantonment board are the worst. The roads leading to City Bus stand it feels like you are traveling in a boat, up and down and up and down.

This problem of potholes is universal, but we have to do something. Our money paid, as taxes should be used in a good manner for these roads.
A request all those in Belgaum just send in the Pictures of potholes in your area to [email protected]. See that they are under 100KB in size and in JPG format. I will try and upload those on the blog. Also don’t forget to mention the area (if possible exact spot).

4 thoughts on “Walking on the Moon, Made easy in Belgaum”

  1. hey guys, this is a very good chance for all those riders who want to display their talents for the F1 or the national rally competition. belgaum is the perfect place where u can practice as well as display … with these wonderful roads definitely someone will make it to the F1 race …… such a pity. we belgaumites still fighting for our basic needs .. inspite being the second highest revenue collection division in the state we are not able to see even good roads … forget of the promises of the IT park, etc..

  2. Hi Ukmad!!!!

    That is splendid blogging by you on the festival season, lovely slide show on ganesh festival.

    I dont know what the Belgaum municipal corporation is doing, has it gone in deep slumber. the roads in belgaum are in poor shape. Though i am not from Belgaum i am frequenting your city for the past 4 years regularly. The road leading to bogarves circle has not been repaired since the last 3 years, whenever i pass by the road which goes towards Shahapur or Rly Stn, i notice that it has remained unchanged, no tarring or relaying of the road has been done. Roads in and around shahpur and leading towards Vadgaon are in poor shape too. I am expecting better roads when i visit next year.

    Pls post some snaps on the new Big Bazaar outlet. This is certianly a proud moment for belgaumites to have the first ever full-fledged mall in town. It will soon become a hot spot cool to chill out. Hope to visit it next time.



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