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Some Briefs from Belgaum:

This photo has been published in the Hindu, where we can see the tiles being put up. This is College Road. The beautification is being done from the Kannada Vishwa Sammlean funds. The work is very similar to all public works. The Tarun Bharat in yesterdays issue had highlighted on the front page about the Vishwa Kannada Sammelan being postponed forever as the government is no more there in the state.
I say let it be anything Kannada or Marathi or Urdu Sammelan some of our money paid as taxes is being utilised for some good cause, i think I should be a Little more than happy.
Yesterday, i.e.Monday the BJP had convened a rally on the Sardars ground on College road to tell the people of Belgaum how the JDS had cheated them. A lot of people had gathered there but I could not make it there. It was just another political rally and may be a kick off to the assembly polls in the state.

Durga Daud:


The daud is a huge rally of people mostly youngesters who run in the wee hours of the morning of all the nine days of the Navratri. Each day a specified area is there from where one starts and gets over at a temple of an area. Around 15000, fifteen thousand people run in this daud and the scene is majestic.

This picture is published in the Tarun Bharat.

The Dandiya is there in many places, but the one in Millenium Garden is getting goods crowds. Dandiya is also organised in Gujrat Bhavan, Gomtesh Vidyapeeth.

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