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Farmers say don’t take our land

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By uday


The farmers near to the Bellary nala on the NH 4 gathered in Bogarves and took a procession to meet the DC and give their memorandum. Shri Vilas Pawar was leading this protest. I have just tried to locate it may be it is not excat.

The farmers allege that their 14 acre fertile land is being overtaken by the KAIDB(Karnataka Industries Board) unwillingly and unlawfully. The 14-acre area has been declared has been declared as a “Green Belt” by the BUDA. (Belgaum urban Development authority) The said 14 acres of over hundreds of farmers is being taken by the KAIDB for industrial purposes but the way it has been done is very wrong. A BJP MLA is supposed to have around 5 acres of land near these 14 acres and the farmers allege that he is the king pin behind all this.

See the manner in which the said land has been acquired:
6th December 2006 in Bangalore the KAIDB issued the Gazette
8th December 2006 The KAIDB Dharwad Office makes a note of the same
13th December 2006 Farmers get notices
14th December 2006 gets Diary approval
18th December 2006 invitation for meeting of farmers with KAIDB authorities
All the farmers got the notices only after 20th December 2006
Notices were not published in any newspapers

The farmers have put a writ petition against this in the Karnataka High Court and the court has as usual taken time to study.

The best thing is that the name of KIADB is already mentioned in the Land records.
As it’s a green belt there cannot be any industrial activities in this belt, but the government is trying to acquire fertile land for industrial purposes. What happened in Singur and Nandigram in WB were also on the same lines but seeing the huge protests even Tata had to step back.

The farmers are getting 1.41 lakhs per gunta now when the on going rate is 1.75 lakhs per gunta. The farmers say we don’t want money you will give us 2 lakhs but they say we want our land that’s it we will toil and earn.

This sort of acquisition of green belt will harm the city and the country as a whole. There is plenty of empty land near by the Bellary nala which can be utilized for industrial purposes but that’s not been done only for the cause of some politicians. Come on India be big Sensex hits 20000 and the farmers are getting out of their own land. What a Shame? May be this will stop may another Singur Agitation is required with some blood shed then only will the govt. take it seriously.

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