Ganpati Bappa Morya re!!!!

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By uday

The Ganesh festival will start from tomorrow but for the preparations the streets of Belgaum are not just full but over crowded. Getting into the main markets like Ganpat Galli, Kadolkar Galli, Raviwar Peth is impossible now. It took me 20 minutes for me to come to Ramdev galli from Ganapat galli via Kadolkar Galli.

All the roads leading to them have also choked up and thanks to our wonderful driving sense traffic jams are inevitable. But the atmosphere is worth looking at everybody is on a buying spree. Let him be a day laborer or a rich businessman all are there to take something or the other for his loved god.

Many people from nearby villages have also come in to buy and as today is the last day all is just getting hotter.

Many of those who have been working outside Belgaum might have come back to Belgaum for the festival and all those who could not make it due to so many reasons and still feel they should have also gone, don’t worry guys there is a next time.

Big Bazaar Banners have been put up all over Belgaum saying UP TO 60% OFF. Don’t really know how the response has been to it.

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