Autos off road: Lord Ganesha help us

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By uday

The auto rikshaws are off the roads of Belgaum today as a measure of protest. They are off road showing sympathy to the auto driver killed in the blast.

I don’t seem to understand the logic behind this at all. You guys go off the road to show sympathy towards a person by getting other people in trouble. It is bad that the auto driver was killed in the blast. The police prima facie have said it is a LPG cylinder blast. Then why all this? Today I saw many people have just landed in the city on the railway station with nothing to do but carry their own luggage and walk for the bus stand where if you are lucky you will get a bus. This is season time all the busses and trains are packed as all are coming to Belgaum for Ganapati. I saw school children after school is over walking together by the roadside as their auto is also off the road.

We should stop all this. There are more than 5000+ autos in the city and as all are off the road the roads are empty and less of traffic jams.

I pray to Ganpati, “Lord Ganesha give us strength to face all this menace.”

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  1. This is absolutely ridiculous n ill-logical. My mom reached Belgaum on 13th morning to Belgaum from Blr & she was just stranded. Had no clue as to why there are no autos plying on the road. With all due respect to the departed soul in the auto blast, why make common people suffer?? If they had opted to work today n share some % of today’s earnings to departed soul’s family.


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