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They! Will be corporators?

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By uday

I have just been to the municipal corporation on Swami Vivekanand Road. The scene there is very delightful with a host of people aspirant corporators, their supporters and of course people who just went there to see all this.


As the elections have been declared for the Belgaum municipal corporation for the 28th all aspirant corporators are there to get various certificates required at the time of filing their nominations. I have seen people paying their unpaid house taxes, which were due for 4-5 years, but they were paying it now as unless you have the no dues certificate you cant contest the election.


Also seen were previous members paying their water bills and other civic dues to get the no dues certificate.


So, friends if he elections were not taking place would these people have paid their taxes?


Now this question is eating me hard. We have to vote and elect someone amongst them only. I think we should have that one more thing in the ballot paper “no one is worth voting” other than the names of the people contesting.


Anyways many people are ready with their papers but aren’t filing it and waiting for the last day to see who will contest and under whose banner. This election will basically be fought on the basis of language bias other than anything. The MES along with the Shiv sena might want to win the marathi votes. The congress will as usual keep a strong hold on the minorities. The BJP will only eat some votes from all the sections.


One more thing, which has happened in the past and is very possible these days in politics, is that many might stand as independents and after wining might take a stance which will earn them something. Just like national or state politics.


So friends, They! Will be corporators?

1 thought on “They! Will be corporators?”

  1. I understand that we the citizen of Belgaum feel demoralised when we see unscruplous elements with vested political and financial interests sneeking into elected bodies to loot our resources. But, why do we blame them when our own people cast vote on unreasonable considerations such as caste, religions, language or a packet of liquor?

    Apparently, the quality of elected corporators reflect the quality of voters, who have the choice to elect bad among the worst if not good among the bad.

    Perhaps, it’s high time that we should have vote to “reject” and “call back” too. Sounds strong? I am helpless to think that way.


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