Kapileshwar Road Now Over Bridge: RTO Crcile Kolhapur cross Road Wide

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The proposed underbridge on Kapileshwar Road, Bhandur Galli Corner will go into the box again. Now a new report has suggested that building a under bridge wil not be a feasible option as there is a problem of water logging there, hence it is now suggested that a over bridge be built. A new committee has been set up and it will look into the same again. so Belgaumites, forget it for now, new one will be set up, then they will survey, then discuss and after 1 year one new plan will come up…

RTO Crcile Kolhapur cross Road Wide

The RTO circle to Kolhapur Cross road is being made into a 60 feet wide road. A few weeks ago all the sheds and walls were broken down. from today the HESCOM has planned to move the electric lines to the side. A sum Rs.96 lakh have been alloted for the same.

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  1. Its great news but unfotunatyely I also read that there will be no road divider on this road which I think is necessary , there are many govt offices and school collages , road divders regulate traffic and also avoide accidents, but Belgaum Muncipal corporation people have no foresight I think


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