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Shivteerth: A great place to rediscover history

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History of the great Maratha King Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj is being showcased in a one of its kind unique park on the grounds of the Miliraty Mahadev, named “Shri Shivteerth”.

The park consists of 11 models or replicas of the forts of Shivaji Maharaj and all this has been possible, thanks to the Maratha Light Infantry Regimental Centre (MLIRC) & Shivapratishtan.

The layout of the park has been made after a through study of all the forts. The park has been designed as per the original map to the last detail. A person, who reaches a certain model of a fort, will know the way he has to take for reaching the fort. Thanks to the huge sign boards that are erected on the designated routes at the park that keep informing all about the route to reach the fort.

The models of the fort are built with concrete and hence can stand wind and rain and they exactly area replica of the original. The signboards just next to the replica will give full details of the fort.

3 thoughts on “Shivteerth: A great place to rediscover history”

  1. Hi Uday nice presentation i liked it. but come’on man its time to grow-up not time to sit on laurels of past history we have plenty of such places kamal basti, old fort etc… and all those are negelected this place will also be negelected after few years (dont tell me it will be a gr8 place for historical things & so on). it will become place for beggars to sleep and lovers to do be cossy and may be a joggers park.
    Why cant they build schools, hospitals,library or better start some small industries that will give employment for peoples of belgaum. and more importantly they should build roads for which belgaum is (very) famous. I love my belgaum city very much and really want to c it next only to mumbai or bangalore.
    hope u got my point
    also let me know if i can help you in blogging

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    no doubt its time to grow up and show some attitude towards your city. but my friend some thing new that comes up and which is of public importancei try to show on this blog. About beggars sleeping here, i think this wont happen here atleast as the MLIRC takes care here and they have their guards 4 of them the whole night.About your other points yes it has to be done and many many schools have come up, you cant even imagine therir names but they exist. About roads yes some are getting their make over some arent. We need to raise voices and this blog can be one platform to raise issues and voices.
    You are most welcome to send me any stories if u have or are instrested in doing one. you can email me.

  3. I second Uday on this one. Progressing doesnt necessarily mean neglecting our history/historical monuments.
    Infact we need to progress on those fronts as well.

    am sure there are other very important things which must be
    done as well.

    But the basic mindset needs to be
    changed. If we dont respect these
    monuments, whats the point!
    this should be cultivated from
    early school days. instead of
    writing/drawing names and grafiti!

    Travelling around the world you will see, how ppl revere their
    history and show case it every chance they get. (be it a 50 year monument or 200 yrs old monument.. )
    and they will even charge you $$ to see it!

    We should be even more proud as in
    India, everything is way older than that!!


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