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Kindly share your thought

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By uday

Kindly Share your thoughts with the SHARE YOUR THOUGHT link.

This is a forum where in you can post your thoughts and share your feelings with all Belgaumites.

1 thought on “Kindly share your thought”

  1. hi ukmad,
    u been putting good topics on this site…very new very fresh… its good way to discuss and know about belgaum … we belgaumites thank u..keep the spirit in u and us …
    i would like put a small suggestion if u dont mind.. make a section on this blog, where we can come to know about the various tourist, picnic spots around belgaum … we got so many spots around us … very few know about them .. and once in whille on sundays or so one can visit these places … through this wonderful blog we can know what is happening in belgaum .. adding to this if we can also know what is around belgaum it would add colour to this blog..
    also the title of this blog can be made much more attractive with rani chennamma, sangoli rayanna, not forgetting shivaji… he too is part of belgaum …
    i hope u understand what i am trying to say


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