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It is almost final; sources say that the place for the Vidhan Soudha (mini) in Belgaum would be the historical Belgaum Vaccine Depot in Tilakwadi.

An official announcement is likely by Monday and the CM of Karnataka will lay the foundation stone for the same on 25th August 2007 as the sources said.

Captain F.H.G. Hutchinson started the institute for manufacturing Small Pox vaccine in 1904 under the then Government of Bombay Province. The institute was shifted to its present premises in Tilakwadi following completion of building construction works in 1909. The main building is made out of stone.

The institute was manufacturing 40 million doses of freeze dried small pox vaccine and supplying all over the country and to neighboring countries as well. During 1954, the vaccine was changed from cow-calf to sheep-based. Following reorganization of States, the administration of institute came under the control of Government of Karnataka in 1956. In 1968, the vaccine was changed from sheep to buffalo calf and the production capacity was increased to 47 million doses in 1974 — one third of total requirement of the country. The manufacturing of the vaccine was cut down in 1977 in view of zero incidence of small pox in the country and completely stopped in 1978. Yet, during the same year, the activities of the institute switched over to manufacture of neural tissue anti-rabies vaccine.

Since then the Govt. of Karnataka has neglected this and now showing the reasons that no vaccine is produced and the building is also not in a good condition the place can be better utilized by building a Vidhan Soudha.

The satellite photo of the vaccine depot shows how vast the area is and there are over 500 different varieties of trees and plants in the area and also has a few endangered species of birds which breed there due to the thick spread of trees in the area.

The ground in front of the institute that has been the playground for thousands of Belgaumites might also face the axe for parking or similar sort of activities.

Belgaum, in order to develop needs to grow outside its existing borders with proper planning and good infrastructure, which is not available in this depot, except for a few heritage buildings.

The Belgaumites strongly recommend that development in a positive manner take place outside the existing boundaries of Belgaum, with plantation of trees.

Come lets raise our voices against this Come Lets save Belgaum’s heritage.

Note: This particular matter has been written with specific inputs from news papers and also my own sources.

6 thoughts on “Vidhan Soudha @ Vaccine Depot”

  1. I don’t care much about heritage of vaccine depot. but I do care about the trees and ecosystem.
    thanks for a good article!

  2. nice pics can u tell me who has taken the pics as a gift of Vidhan soudha we belgaumities will be lossing a green jewel that is scuh filld with rainbow of flowers i dont think this is rght to do just for homo sapien human there r others then us too we need to remember it??

  3. The pictures have been taken by a group of students studying their Ecology as a part of their report. They are a group of 8-9 people from a local college.

  4. Rather then setting up Vidhan Soudha at Tilakwadi its best to set near Sambra since Airport is close and would also initiate development of Belgaum on east side of Mumbai-Bangalore Highway.

  5. hey why why r humans so mean that dey r ready chop off the trees and ofcrse the thousands of creatures living der its cool place for morning walk it is a representation of small forest in d admist of city it supports even d ppl from polution if even did land is gone to infrastructure where will u finde for cool shade with murmering sounds of birds
    it ill in comin years will show lot of effect of pollution later be ready to wear masks n get lots of lung diseases
    oh oh we are killing ourselves


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