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Vaccine Depot No more…

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By uday

The survey work at Vaccine Depot has begun for building the Vidhan Soudha at Belgaum. With the beginning of this work the Vaccine Depot will be history and all the trees will breathe their last for a few more days.

The CM’s visit is fixed for Saturday 25th, where he would lay the foundation stone for the said Soudha.

The important thing here I would like to mention is and I have not seen the plan nor I have any idea as to how the building will be built but one thing is sure, the ground Depot ground will go as a double road has to be built for the entrance. The present road is very small so the ground will also go and there is a little park next to the ground, which I doubt will also give up for the Vidhan Soudha.

This is only a beginning my fellow Belgaumites, as after the building is ready and we have a full fledged session here all the roads towards the building will be shut for security reasons and the chaos that will happen later is hard to believe. If that has to be avoided the roads will become bigger so there may be a few houses and shops that could face a hammer on them.

One good thing that could happen is all roads leading to Vidhan Soudha(Vaccine depot) will be very nicely built(hopefully) and that’s the only one GOOD we can think of.

Also if the said Visdhan Soudha is built on the grounds of the one in Bangalore then there might become one place in Belgaum to see other than the very few we have here.

In all, I think it’s a decision taken in haste and hasty decisions never turn up correct.

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