Police on high alert

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By uday

Tomorrow is Anant Chaturdashi and as usual the police is taking no chances this time also. On a few occasions this procession had seen some untoward incidents in the past.

More than 3000 police officials are in the city for this and they include from all the ranks of the police. The whole procession will be in camera and for the same 60 cameras will be used. Not only these but there will be even hidden cams this time to catch those mischievous people. The police have banned the use of Dolby systems for the procession and hence this year we could see a lot of Dhols, tashas and Band parties for the procession. The procession will begin from the Hutatma Chowk (Kaveri cold drinks) and will go from Ramdev Galli, Samadevi Galli, Ramling Khind Galli (Kapeel theatre road), Tilak chowk, Tashildar Galli, Kapileshwar Road and will end at the Kapiltirth (opp.Kapileshwar temple). The procession time is set to be 4 pm but I guess it will start by 5.30 as usual and will end only the next day around 7 am, as there will be 345 Ganeshas that will have to be immersed.

As this time its election time, the various mandals I guess will be full of funds for food and drinks. (Both cold & hot)


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  1. Hello dude,

    So u didnt get the photos of ravindra and Sheetal chougale ? If u get can u scan and add ?

    Also thx a lot dude for ur lovely ganpathi photos. i m feeling i m in bgm. its all coz of ur hard work that we feel easy to see bgm on our desk.

    keep it up.


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