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Racing for a social cause

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bail From The Hindu: Bullock cart racing continues to
be popular in
Belgaum district

Belgaum: Bullock cart racing continues to be a popular event in villages in Belgaum district.
Festive atmosphere sets in the villages playing host to this traditional sporting event as the entire village comes out to witness the thrilling races. The event attracts people from nearby villages and towns.
The district is now witnessing a series of bullock cart races. The annual event normally starts after monsoon.
What sets apart these races is the event is only recreation to farmers but also serves a social cause as the proceeds from the events are spent on development works.
The races are conducted in the name of deities. The names of owners and racers are also registered in the name of their village deities.
But there is a flip side to it. The organisers are oblivious to the ban on such events involving animals. It is considered cruelty to animals. The animals are beaten with sticks and reportedly smeared with chilli powder. However, farmers deny such reports.
The three-day bullock cart race organised by Sri Kalmeshwar Devasthan Trust, Mannur, and supported by several nearby villages, culminated with thrilling finals on Thursday.
The race was organised to fund construction of the first floor of the “Bhakt Nivas” (guest house for devotees) in Pandharpur in Maharashtra, according to Rajendra Jain, president of the trust.
The organisers had announced 21 cash prizes, Rs. 7,001 for the first prize winner, Rs. 5,001 and Rs. 4,001 for the second and third prize winners respectively in main event that had an entry fee of Rs. 601.
The participants have to cover 2,100 feet in one minute.
Ramakrishna Hariprasanna of Chota Kangarli, Jyotiba Mahadeve Chougale of Mannur and Om Swami Sharnedraprasanna of Neginal won the first, second and third place, respectively.
In the Lahaan Gat category, Sri Siddeshwarprasanna of Kudnur, Sri Jyotirlingprasanna of Mutga and Balappa Yellappa Sindagai of Samarguddi bagged the first three places.

2 thoughts on “Racing for a social cause”

  1. This is simply hurting the poor animal with sticks why dont they beat with sticks to these people and make them run the race.
    I dont know what thrill they get beating the animals with stick for winning a race.
    I agree that previously in villages this was entertainment but now times have change their are other ways to celebrate. people need to change their thinking.

    the “Bhakt Nivas” (guest house for devotees) will be just ghost house. Lord krishna was a cow herd remember he loves cows and bullocks so why hurt some thing which god loves so much…..


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