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Shintre encountered

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Praveen Shintre was encountered by the police at the Rajdeep Bunglow in Laxmi nagar at 4 am today Morning (Thursday). He was caught yesterday by the police in Udupi and was bought to Belgaum. Shintre attacked the police and then got killed in the fight that happened.

It is said that Shintre allegedly attacked the police and tried to flee when in an encounter he was killed in the bunglow it self.

Many rumors are in the city about why is was killed?

One more all the Belgaumites are discussing is about Why was he taken to Rajdeep Bunglow?
All say that he was killed that is a very good thing, this should have happened earlier only but now that it has happened, Better late than never.
Everybody is talking about this only all over the city.
Tarun Bharat released a two page special Shintre supplement @ 10 am.

The photo was taken from the In Belgaum news I guess, I got in an email.

3 thoughts on “Shintre encountered”

  1. think the police made him 2 run away then killed him…b’coz he had many secret’s beneath him…

    and if he had been caught alive..

    then there would be many transfer’s and suspension in belgaum…..[u know it..for wht]

  2. Rumor is….
    There is a fast spreading rumor about this gangster being killed few days back itself, near some remote place in Gokak.Though nobody cares how or where was he shot. anyway finally outcome “A ruthless rowdy dead”.

  3. Well very true rumors were there that Shintre was killed earlier but He was Killed (encountered) today morning at round 4 am in Rajdeep Bunglow, Laxmi nagar. Now the Question arises is why was he taken there directly? you Guess ?


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