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Thanks for your support

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By uday

You have done it Belgaumites this site has seen its 1000 visitor @ 9.31 pm today.

This is a great day for me. It was exactly a month ago on August 7th 2007, I had started this blog and within 30 days I have had 957 visits till 6 pm today. The total page views have been a whopping 1885.

I have just made a humble beginning in this blogging space and I will make my best efforts to put up issues and events that happen in Belgaum without any chauvinism.

I hope you will all support me in this effort of getting the Belgaumites on a platform may be from where we all could make a difference for the society as a whole. The Blog is appearing in the GOOGLE search list in top 10 and that’s all due to your support.

Thanks again and keep commenting on this blog and also the Forum section.

Yours UkMaD

3 thoughts on “Thanks for your support”

  1. thanks buddy for your sincere efforts on the Belgaum blog, in near future this blog of yours will cover a major audience, and will be a v strong Media 4 news.
    But Buddy make it sure whatever blogs u update should be honest and non biased..
    People like me who are away from our Belgaum should be very happy on the quality of the Blog u publish.
    God Bless U.. and our City…
    Vinod- Mumbai 9819696177

  2. Frankly it was the shintre pic that got my attention of the blog. Your blog now appears in google alerts too.

    So keep up the good work! Its very dufficult not to be biased in opinions for a city like Belgaum.
    So agree with Vinod on that!

    Anyways, hope to see the site expand in the forthcoming future!

    All the best!


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