The Beginning of The END


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Yes it is the Beginning of The END even after huge protests against the building of the Vidhan Soudha in the Vaccine Depot.

The Vidhan Soudha will be built in the 36 acres area of the Vaccine depot near to the Rani Chennama Nagar Telephone Exchange. A 6-acre area has been marked for the said foundation laying on the 26th August.

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About 25 trees were cut inside the Vaccine depot to make way for parking etc. New road was built to join the Vaccine Depot. A majority of the City Corporation Staff and high officials have put up their tents in the area and the area is getting a face-lift.

The government should come up and save the environment but here the government it self is destroying it. “Yatha Raja Tatha Praja” is the truth but Belgaumites will have to protest hard and show that the above line is not true when it comes to just political stunts.

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  2. Brajesh’s revealations are very much true.. Even i spent eight years in Belgaum before moving to Chennai…
    If u travel across the country, there r lots of places like Belgaum with lingual diversity. But only Belgaum comes into news for bad reasons.. In other such places people have been tolerant and accepted the truth.And in this age of IT, language shouldn’t be a problem.
    Its high time tat belgaumites stop talking about this outdated issue( the issue of Karnataka & Maharastra) . they should be rather bothered about their very own city “BELGAUM”. Belgaum is a great place to live in,and has a great potential.The belgaumites must be proud of it and work together for its development….
    I learnt recently tat Belgaum has been declared as the second Capital of Karnataka. Thats a real great news, and Belgaumites must whole-heartedly welcome it…


  3. Dear Shri Ukmad,
    I am UPite and stayed an appriciable time in belgaum. I regret very much about the fact that Belgaum has an minute content of the so called Marathi,considering the reality.
    I did notice in many homes throughout Belgaum that they were speaking kannada at home ,while their education was done in marathi. This is how the people felt comfortable with Marathi and started talking,dreaming ,eating and doing every thing in Marathi.
    Only the genunine Maharastrains are the marathas & Konkan Brahamins (Popularily known as Konkanastha).
    As India was divided into some small number of zones and belgaum was said to be under Bombay (Now Mumbai)Presidency,there was only Marathi and no Kannada Schools as told by the aged people .
    The same case is with Ambala now in Harayana and Shimla in HP ,where the Punjabi people still show desparate regrets that the places have come in Harayana & Himachal respectively.
    We have to forget the old times and stick to the reality.Considering any way Belgaum is inheriently karnataka.


  4. Dear Friends ( Like minded Belgaumtes)
    I welcome and do appreciate everyone’s personal views on the Blog firstly thanks to Ukmad who has given a platform for all of us to discuss.

    Whether its MES Congress BJP or JDS who so ever these parties are , they are all just concerned to fill in as much as kitty they can firstly these scoundrels have no language no religion no humanity all the know is money.

    I have been tracking development aspects of Belgaum since last 20 years and had seen systematic elimination of Belgaum’s growth prospects from Karnataka Govt and few politicians of Hubli mainly successful on driving away industries and power sector away from Belgaum.

    Hurting facts are

    Last 20 years there is not even a single new Industrial area sanctioned or developed.

    Belgaum have in all total of 700 acres govt and 575 acres private the govt industrial estates in Belgaum are kept under Class C city which indicates developed so there is no tax holidays or revenue subsidies, despite of this Belgaum is second largest contributor to state in terms of revenue through its exporting revenues, but whst in return do we have.

    I really welcome the new Vidhan Saudha at Belgaum as at least there will be a government representation in the Belgaum and whatever divisional office moved to Dharwad will be relocated back here, Belgaum should get an exclusive northern commissionairate of all department.

    Wipro and Reliance have taken undisclosed amount of land in Belgaum for development of IT parks

    Govt IT park by KENOICS still in air

    North Karnataka region in particular have no direct intercity rail contact for everything people have to run to Bangalore.
    Belgaum can play vital role in connecting all the places like Belgaum to Dharwad
    And Belgaum Bagalkote Raichur rail lines.

    My appeal is be a Marathi or Kannadiga it all matters that we stay together and fight against any fanatic by name religion and language, but do fight against discrimination for Belgaum on its developmental aspect

    Jai Hind

  5. I truly agree with your thoughts.I know its very nice to see Belgaum on the national map. Infact Belgau mhas been on the national map since long more for bad reasons than for the Good, I beleive. This discussion can go on forever and I am not closing this discussion also, but my friend I would like to thank you for writing all that is there in ur heart.
    May be if a few others also do it that way we on our own selves could make Belgaum much more proud than what we are discussing about.

    Feel free to write in this is a NO ONSIDE blog. All comments are welcome

  6. …. yes no one can deny the fact belgaum has not been developed for so many years .. and MES was not in power since last two elections i suppose …. when they were in power what did they do .. nothing my friend .. they had only one moto .. take belgaum from karnataka .. isn’t that true .. and i hope u don’t deny this too … and you shouldn’t … and when congress were in power in belgaum, MES never encouraged any developmental works .. they always pressurised the local govt… since they were not in power .. its the local government that should the problems of the city .. unless you tell problem no will know .. perfect example … didn’t the hubli-dharwad people fight for itself or the government came there to help them .. it was because they fought for their rights that hubli has gone beyond belgaum …

    coming to the legislative assembly, according to me it is not at all waste of money… the thing is not only of infrastructural development my friend …infrastructure can be development any time .. it does not take time .. its about the linguistic bifurcation that was taking place .. MES is dividing the people into two .. just because the bloody votes they have here .. not that they care for belgaum or the belgaumites or the marathi’s what they claim to care for … to solve such a kind of issues .. one of the many solutions is holding the legislative sessions here in belgaum … i am not trying to target you my friend .. just trying to tell you the reason why it is held .. with such sessions .. govt officials will in constant contact with belgaum and the happenings in the border district ..
    coming to the vidhana soudha construction .. its not at a waste of money … belgaumites should be proud for this .. dont you like the city to be put the major cities map … this is one step taken towards that by the govt .. every thing cant be done in one day my friend .. recovering from what has been done before (i mentioned it on top why is it) is not an easy task .. suddenly belgaum is decided to be second capital of belgaum, and steps have taken towards that, dont you feel proud .. doesnt any belgaumite feel proud .. yes ofcourse everybody does feel proud my friend ..

    and you said political stunt, this political stunt is much much better than the political stunts played by the MES and the congress .. atleast this govt is getting us out of the boarder problem what we are facing …

    so, instead of seeing the previous govt have done it better to appreciate what the present govt is doing .. what the present govt is doing or done is not small issue my friend .. i dont think so any govt would have taken such a brave and daring step to declare belgaum as second capital ..

    as belgaumite you should be proud rather than being pessimistic …

  7. Well I am pleased to get so many replies. Friends I am not against any development of Belgaum,(how can I be?) but frineds waht has happened for so many years cant be forgotten in a flash.This govt. has tried to do something but my Question is it the correct way to do it or is it ia political stunt. The last legesaltive assmebly session held in KLE wasnt it a waste of money i dont have the figures, but that could have been used to develop Belgaum. The same case is with Vidhan Soudha, Why that monument build a IT park(its in the making but not as fast as the decesion on the vidhan soudha was taken) And about MES, well MES ruled, i deny the fact. No doubt they were MLAs but we never had a govt in the state, i mean to say when u dont have power you are nothing. The congress was in power we have a congress MLA, but what is the progress.
    I dont want to hurt anyone, i m frank and free for debate and i will be most instrested to debate this topic further also, with no grudges at all.

  8. .. yes who ever has written the big comment on top is absolutely right .. the blogger should understand that fact .. rather than blaming the karnataka government. MES is ruining Belgaum and congress is adding petrol to this ..

  9. hello brother, .. let me tell u .. all these years Maharastra Ekikaran Samithi has been ruling belgaum .. they have never contested on the name of development … they always tried to divide the kannada and marathi groups .. though we all were one .. it was not just belgaum which was neglected .. the whole of north karnataka was neglected.. and whenever any development work was to be taken up .. MES always oposed it .. its because they want to show that belgaum is not developing under karnataka gov .. whether its nala project or the airport project or any of that matter. .. they always oposed.. u have seen the diff in development when there was DC rule …

    so my brother try to look at the issue in much broader way .. i dont know whether u r marathi or kannada .. it hardly matters .. as far as u r a belgaumite .. u r of karnataka .. i have been living with my friends who r kannada as well as marathi … … the point is … MES is ruining belgaum …. they just want votes . no development ..

  10. I am not against Govt. of karnatak nor do i oppse the making of the Vidhan Soudha in belgaum. I oppose the place where it is being built. What development has been done for so many years all know and a political stunt which will not help the Belgaumites is no case for joy.

  11. you look as if you are not happy with the developments around belgaum …. are u a belgaumite or a maharastra supporter …


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