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These are pictures of decorated Buffalo’s. All the milkmen decorate their Buffalo’s and take out a procession with a band in front.
The day following the Amavasya is “Kartik Shuddh Padwa” and it is only on this day that the King Bali would come out of Pathal Loka and rule Bhulok as per the boon given by Lord Vishnu. Hence, it is also known as “Bali Padyami“. This day also marks the coronation of King Vikramaditya and VikaramSamvat was started from this Padwa day. Padwa is symbolic of love and devotion between the wife and husband. On this day newly-married daughters with their husbands are invited for special meals and given presents. In olden days brothers went to fetch their sisters from their in-laws home for this important day. So many of you who are newly married or just married your sisters you must done it already.
This day is supposed to be very auspicious to buy new things and because of this new vehicles and especially new electronic items were purchased a lot. I in fact saw in every electronic shop the rush was commendable. People were just throwing themselves over each other to buy a TV , imagine that. The sale of Digital Cameras was also good a Retailer told me. In all it was a happy buying season for all you there. Tomorrow is Bhau Bij the last day of Diwali and all must be packing their bags or will read this only when they are back to work.
Getting to Belgaum during this peak time was very very costly. A cabin seat was costing Rs.600 a friend confirmed. A few who could not get any tickets then decided to take their cars out from Mumbai and Bangalore and decided to drive to Belgaum. Many of you might have done this just confirm.
My BLOG just completed 3 months and this blog has been visited 3,983 times. Thanks to you all.

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