Vaccine Depot Bachao

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By uday

The Karnataka Govt. has issued advertisements in the various papers for the tender of the construction of the Suvarna Soudha. The said suvarna soudha will be built around 30000 Sq.Mtrs. The tenders have been called for the masterplan layout, overall building etc by the Executive engineer of the Dharwad Division.
I have been covering this story since the beginning and my sole aim is to be with the Vaccine Depot Bachao Samiti. Belgaum should have a Suvarna Soudha, but not at Vaccine Depot. All the trees will get cut and the natural varisity will get destroyed.

All the nature lovers are planning to come together again and oppose the building of the Suvarna Soudha at Vaccine Depot. Earlier also many attempts have been made by the nature lovers but in a hasty decision the CM then laid the foundation stone. Come on Belgaumites we should save something we cant back once its destroyed. come join hands together ans say Vaccine Depot Bachao..

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  1. Hi blogger.

    Dont criticize just to be with some group. why dont you look at the brighter side of this. for the first time i feel BGM is getting some thing that will lead us on the path of development. Belgaum is full of greenery their are lots of agriculture fields.
    By the way why don’t you suggest some other place if you want to save depot that is i guess not functioning. make sure no samiti vamiti comes up at the site that you propose for soudha.

  2. The blogger is correct. Vaccine depot should be saved. Other place for the Soudha? sure! anyone can suggest…. even you anonymous…. opps! which ever “anonymous” applicable. The blogger also wants the Soudha, but in some other place, ashthe….

    Vaccine depot is indeed a very beautiful place and not fit for any Government building.

  3. “getting some thing that will lead us on the path of development. Belgaum is full of greenery their are lots of agriculture fields”
    Do you think by destroying the natural heritage of vaccine depot we can acheive Development. Sorry sir, but to me development at the cost of loss to nature is wrong. there are many sites around the city whihc can be utilised near the airport, or near the highway.
    i hads covered this topic in detail then and some comments there also refer to your query

  4. hey! “ananymous” if the blogger keeps on replying to every message where will he/she find the time to write about daily updates in Belgaum. why don’t you take up the good work or else just post your comments and forget asthe 😉

    Blogger is there a petition filed against the Soudha building coming up in Vaccine Depot and the opposition for it. If yes let everyone know on this blog. I’ll surelly cast my vote. Jai Hind !

  5. The reason why its called “Vaccine Depo” is because the trees there are utilized to make vaccines! If u cut down those trees, not only u will lose the trees which gives Belgaum fresh air but also the vaccine production will also get stopped! Please save Vaccine Depo!


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