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Voternama: Marathi 30 others 28

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By uday

Belgaumites all the results are out and the the mandate given by you fellow belgaumites is this.
Marathi Speaking 30 members and others 28 (others include 6 from the Sarvapaksha Sarvabhashik Chunavana Samitiand other kannada & urdu speaking candidates)

As on paper the power will land into the hands of the Marathi people but nothing can be said as its a number game. The majority required is 29 Marathi’s have 30 as of date if horse trading doesn’t happen this may continue or else the others might get the chance.

In all the political situation everywhere is a hung situation with no clear cut result.

The best part of this election is the Corporation will see 47 newly first timers and which is a good sign. 6 former (Mayors & dy.Mayors) could not get elected this time.
The highest margin of defeat was in ward No.17 Pandhari Parab won by a difference of over 1000 votes and the lowest defeat margin was 7 votes.

One more most important message the Belgaum corporation election has given is that all over the sate the candidates filed nominations under their respective national and state parties where as Belgaum was the only one corporation where all were independents. The politics in Belgaum is different that’s what I can say.

3 thoughts on “Voternama: Marathi 30 others 28”

  1. hi
    only 12 mes candidates have been elected and rest will form a different mayor, its not like all marathi speaking corporators will support mes tho’ mes head honchos are trying a lot to get kannada and muslim support which is very difficult ,i feel that Sarvapaksha Sarvabhashik Chunavana Samiti will gain a majority .my 2cents!

  2. The Karnataka government and its cronies in Belgaum have tried every dirty trick in the book to prevent a Marathi majority.

    Against all odds, a majority of Marathi candidates have been elected, proving that Belgaum still has Marathi stronghold.




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