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By uday


It’s a number game

Now that all results are out, the majority has been Marathi Speaking but the problem in coming to power will be the number of Marathi Candidates being elected as independents. Out of the 20 official candidates the MES had given 14 have won. They had supported another 6 candidates and 3 have won so the MES has now strength of 17 still short of the 29 magical figure. The total Marathi speaking strength is 27 just two away form majority. There are other marathi speaking corporators who will decide the faith. The four time mayor Shambaji Patil has won the most prestigious seat made by the MES and he could be the king maker like Devegowda in Belgaum in the days to come. For the past years he has been the king maker and this time also his may decide the fate of the Belgaum Corporation. Now no doubt Marathi speaking have come but my guess they will not get the taste of power this time.
No doubt the Marathi speaking candidates have won but the horse trading business will be there for thje post of Mayor.
Ward No./Winners
1 Natraj Narayan Lohar 2 Aruna Anil Kutre 5 Gaurish Kammar
6 Smabhaji Chaavan 7 Kiarn Parab 8 Ravindra Mirajkar
11 Viakrant Kagaangui 12 nilkanrt mastmardi 15 smabhaji Patil 16 vijay patil
17 pandari parab 18 Balasheb Kakatkar 21 netaji Jadhav 22 ravi dhotre 25 sanjay prabhu
26 jayashree pise 31 lata patil 32 shubahngi chitragar 35 muzaamil doni
37 Firdos Darga 38 Devendra haval 41 Vidya Mali 42 Santur Shetty
46 Jagdish Chimmanlagi 47 Yunus Momin
51 Mohd.Azim 55 Bassapa Chikkaladni 56 Gangavva Daddi

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