Where is the KILLER?

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By uday

This is the question being asked by majority of the Belgaumites these days. The Killer here refers to Pravin Shintre involved in at least 10 SUPARI killings.


All the local newspapers and also have highlighted the same issue. Where is Shintre?

The police have not been able to trace him since the Sheetal Chougule murder.


Shintre was earlier arrested for other crimes in 2003 & 2005 but he is on bail and he then took political refuge with the Samajwadi party, but after the recent involvements he has been removed from the party that’s what rumors are saying in town.


Nobody knows where Shintre is and Belgaum is full of rumors about his being about. the police are trying their best they say but God only knows.

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    Can u please send or add the photos of the news thats on. wanted to see the pic’s of ravindra, sheetal chougale and shintre as well can u cut them from tarun bharat and scan and paste the same ASAP. it would be a great thing from your side. really ur blog is give nme so much in info of bgm.

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