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Concrete laid over part of the road that Sunk on the Over bridge

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On June 30 2019 the Road on the Shri Basveshwar Road Over Bridge (Gogte Circle RoB) started to sink after the first rains. 
The pavement with pavers had also sunk in a few places and the road also has sunk and has developed cracks which are visible. The RoB was made open to the public on Dec 25, 2018.

Immediately that night the SWR officials inspected the bridge and work was commenced on Monday.
Now that particular patch has been white topped with concrete and the pavers were also re-laid rob-gogte-patchedrob-gogte-patched on that side and other side as well.

Experts feel as water seeped into the mud, it sank and the soil settled and hence part of the road on the bridge sank.

The bridge part is intact and this was the soil filling thats has sunk on one side near Goods shed road side. Now the same has been filled with concrete.

4 thoughts on “Concrete laid over part of the road that Sunk on the Over bridge”

  1. They say the Roads in our State have 3 larers :

    1) Ist layer for the Contractor
    2) 2nd layer for the Minister
    3) 3rd layer for the user

    Hence we get only the 3rd Layer.
    Therefore the final quality of our Roads is pathetic as it is only One Layer !!

  2. When is it going to be a quality work in Belgavi? It is so sad that the money spent on the projects goes down the drain but part of the money which goes in the pockets of politicians gets well guarded.


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