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Steep hike in traffic fines – will be implemented in Belagavi in this week

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If you’re caught for a traffic violation in Karnataka be prepared to pay more. The Karnataka transport department has hiked traffic fines. According to the special gazette notification published on June 25, 2019, fines have been fixed focusing on the offence as opposed to the vehicle category and are almost in tune with the cabinet approved Central Motor Vehicles Rules.

Fines for using the mobile phone while driving, wrong parking, exceeding the speed limit and other offenses have gone up multi-fold.

cops-fineRevised traffic fines:

Exceeding speed limit – Rs 1,000 – Earlier Rs 300

Using mobile phone while driving – Rs 1,000 – Earlier Rs 100

Driving vehicles without insurance – Rs 1,000 – Earlier Rs 500

Parking at ‘no parking’ spots – Rs 1,000 + Towing charges – Earlier Rs 100

Driving without fitness certificate – Rs 2,000 – Earlier Left to court

Driving non-registered motor vehicle – Rs 5,000 – Earlier Left to court

In Belagavi the new fines would be implemented in a couple of days as the software is been updated.


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  1. Police till date could not implement metered auto’s as they are incapable to control autowalas. But they can easily loot money from general public. Belgaum public is very silent and peace loving but now time has come to come together and oppose it strongly.


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