Congress party Alloted 10 Guntha land


love dale belagavi

The state cabinet has alloted a 10 guntha plot belonging to BUDA to Congress Party for its office. The plot is at Sangolli Rayana Circle,

The proposal was kept before the Corporation where the same was not accepted but it seems the same was sent to the Bengaluru as accepted and the cabinet has now alloted the 10 Guntha plot to Congress party.
Now the other political parties have also jumped in and have asked for land for their respective offices.

Trinity Belagavi
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  1. Congress rules for 60 to 70 yrs and keeping people with no proper infratructure, If we still dont vote for the right party or person then this will continue.

    Belgaum is full of dust, no proper roads, buststand, city buses, Autos dont work as per meter, evettesing in common areas like citybustand etc.

  2. Why government land should be allotted which is of high commercial value? Party in power can not take advantage of their being in power. Shame to these parties OR they should be charged at market rate. Can some kind hearted Congress man donate his bungalow for this purpose?


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