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Digital Smart class in Anganwadi of slum area

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Not all in the country have access to quality education, but a small Anganwadi in a slum area in Belagavi is one of the lucky ones to get a digital smart class in their Anganwadi.
Mahesh Foundation has brought lights in their lives with help of solar lights and solar digital smart class.digi-class-anganwadi

Mahesh Foundation has helped to start a digital smart class to attract children come to school and pursue their basic education. More than 200 children living in this slum are been benefited in every aspects of life such as Health and education. People here were unaware of the power of education and health hygiene. They use to take their children for begging and have adopted unhygienic habits.
Mahesh Foundation has set up a free clinic for them as a part of our health care initiative and also have started Angaanwadi for their children; all this programs are carried out in our Aadhar community centre. Starting with 20 children in the Aanganwadi, currently there are 50 children taking their basic education.
The Solar Digital class is attracting the other children in the surroundings who are not yet enrolled.
After installation of solar digital class more and more children are getting attracted to Aanganwadi. The Anganwadi staff has been trained to handle the new equipment installed.

This program was inaugurated by Mr S Basavaya, Director General Manager of Syndicate Bank. He spoke about the development of children living in slum and said that they also have right to get good education and healthy environment to live in.

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