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Congress road re-carpeting halts

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On October 22 this story Re-carpeting of Congress road begins was like a sigh of relief to many, but this joy has been short lived. 

The contractor who only put a few patches over 7 days and then he has gone missing. The said work would be done in two phases Nanawadi cross to 1st gate and 1st gate to 2nd gate. The tender from 2nd gate to 3rd gate is still not approved and same is the case with 3rd gate to Udyambag. Rs.1 crore 5 lakhs have been allotted for this work. 

MLA Sambhaji Patil had done the puja of the beginning of the work, but hardly any work was done. We could not get the exact tender details, but we are sure Rs.1 crore will not be needed for patch work.

So why is the work Stopped?


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