Construction of new bus Depot at Belgaum Under Jn-NURM Scheme (UIDSSMT)


The NWKRTC has floated a new tender for Construction of new Depot @ Belgaum Under Jn-NURM Scheme (UIDSSMT) with Scope of work being Construction of Depot, Concreting to Parking Area and other ancillary works such as water supply sanitary etc., and Electrical works.

Last date for applying for tenders is 23-01-2014 and bid would be opened on 27-01-2014.


The time for completion for the work has been kept at 9 months.
The various works that would be taken up. 

Work Value
Ground Floor 7222506.75
First Floor 5082454.2
Construction of Generator Building 600762.9
Construction of Kiosk Building 330992.75
Construction of watch & ward Building 685924.72
Construction of Toilet Block 1173097.48
Construction of O.H.T with car washer Building 681896.75
Construction of R.C.C open Drain 1935935
Providing Water Supply & Drainage Line Arrangements 566072
Construction of New washing ramp 918450
Construction of T.I Building 330992.75
Drilling of Borewell 224859
Construction of compound wall 3177691.23
Construction of Scarp Yard 323119.5
Construction of Recycling plant 318975.8
Cycle stand 973641
alighting plat form @ old DWS premises 4548210.5
Upgradation works 6921161.84
Trimix concrete to parking area of city bus terminals 17949737.54


Urban infrastructure Development Scheme for Small & Medium Towns (UIDSSMT) aims at improvement in urban infrastructure in towns and cities in a planned manner. It shall subsume the existing schemes of Integrated Development of Small and Medium Towns (IDSMT) and Accelerated Urban Water Supply Programme (AUWSP).

The sharing of funds would be in the ratio of 80:10 between Central Government & State Government and the balance 10% could be raised by the nodal/implementing agencies from the financial institutions. Funds from MPLAD/MLALAD could be used towards project cost and to that extent, the loan component/state share could be suitably reduced.




  1. As far I know the forth depot is already constructed in Auto Nagar , will this be 5th depot if so where is i coming upm

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