Construction of Part 2 of Third gate RoB CommenceD

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The Construction of Part 2 of the Third gate RoB Belagavi is likely to commence soon as materials, cranes have arrived at the spot.

The foundation stone for the Construction of Road Over Bridge THIRD Gate was done on 6th Jan by Suresh Angadi MP. This is known as Level crossing No.381 (Third Gate).

One side of the RoB was made open to the public in October 2022.

Now the work on the other side same 2 LANE road would commence any day now as the materials have been dumped at the site already.

third gate rob 2
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Details about the Project:

Cost of the RoB:27.28 Crores (both parts included)

Span of RoB: 1 x 2 x 54 Bowstring Girder

Approaches: Panaji Side: (5+6) x 18 m PSC (250 m)
Belagavi Side: (7+6) x 18 m PSC (331 m)

The RoB is sanctioned at a cost of Rs.27.28 Crore on a 50:50 cost-sharing basis between the ministry of Railways and Govt of Karnataka.

2 thoughts on “Construction of Part 2 of Third gate RoB CommenceD”

  1. Sir, As third gate is having one Rob, instead requesting for Rob on 2nd gate ,either over or under bridge..
    Max people use this for office going, school children’s require this rob on 2 ND gate.
    Hence humble request for rob on 2nd gate as 3rd gate already have one.


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