Belagavi needs more Fire stations

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The frequency of accidental fire cases in Belagavi is on the rise, and the city’s single fire station is struggling to keep up. In some instances, the personnel is unable to extinguish the fire quickly, leading to devastating consequences. It is imperative to establish another fire station in another area to address this issue.

The existing fire station near Shri Basaveshwar circle was established in 1987. However, with the population and demand increasing over the past 36 years, it is no longer sufficient to cater to the needs of the city’s industrial and residential areas.

The current situation is dire, leading to delays due to traffic and the distance of villages, which are 20-25 km away. The staff is expressing helplessness, and it is crucial to address this issue immediately.

From January 1, 2018, to February 28, 2023, the Belagavi Fire Station received 1,026 calls related to fire disasters, resulting in property damage worth around 25.15 crores. However, the fire station personnel managed to save property worth 213.20 crores during their operations.

Belagavi fire brigade station

Belagavi needs another fire station, and efforts have been underway for many years to establish one. However, finding a suitable space has been a challenge. It is essential to prioritize this issue and work towards finding a solution to ensure the safety of the city’s residents and businesses.

Currently, the fire station is located in the Belagavi South Constituency, but there is a need for a police station in the northern region to operate quickly and efficiently.

Apart from firefighting, the fire station personnel are also involved in rescue operations and have successfully rescued 146 people in the last five years.

To address the need for a fire station in the northern region, the Fire Brigade department has submitted a proposal to the government. Hindalco in Belagavi has come forward to construct the fire station where the department will appoint staff from the government and manage the station. They are eagerly awaiting the government’s permission to proceed with this project.

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