Cops charge 201 persons in 3 hours for drunk driving

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In the special drive by the Commissioner of police at 40 locations on 14 July from 8 PM to 11 PM as many as 201 cases were booked with regards to drunk driving.

This is one of the major drives against drunk driving in the city and in one day alone 201 cases have been slapped.

City traffic cops went on a overdrive to instill traffic rules across city limits. Each day they are undertaking different issues and trying to instill traffic rules in the city may it be pavement clearance, the non-wearing of helmets, fancy number plates etc.

The rising number of cases highlights the need for more aggressive awareness campaigns and stricter action by police.

Today, drinking has become a craze. It is common even at family gatherings. This makes it extremely difficult to curb drinking, which is no longer restricted to special occasions, like New Year’s Eve. Everyone (when drunk) feels that s/he is in full control of their senses. Greater, aggressive awareness is necessary to make citizens realize the inherent risks.

4 thoughts on “Cops charge 201 persons in 3 hours for drunk driving”

  1. Great job being done by Traffic Police over the past few months. The sustained drive against helmet-less two wheeler drivers has resulted in significantly higher compliance. Installation of CC cameras has helped the process along with the use of digital technologies for issue of fine receipts, etc.
    Three other issues are (priority wise) that require attention are:
    1. Underage driving (mostly 2 wheelers)
    2. Use of mobile phones while driving (both 2 and 4 wheelers)
    3. Wrong side driving (even on highway, e.g NH4 particularly from Santesha Motors to Nisarga Resturant in Shivbasav Nagar).
    Sustained action is needed, just like the helmet drive.

  2. Congratulations to commissioner of police for doing an incredible job to improve city of Belgavi by enforcing law and order..

  3. Good initiative by Belgaum Police. It was long overdue. Request the Police Commissioner to keep up the pressure on the public, especially two wheeler riders to strictly adhere to the traffic rules. Citizens must cooperate and help the police nabbing the traffic rules violators by taking photographs and sharing the same with police dept.


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