Cops crack down on erring school Autos with excess children


81 Autos ferrying school children were fined today by the traffic police for carrying excess passengers.

More than a dozen children packed in maxi vans and about 10 children travelling in autorickshaws, some squeezed in the trunk and their satchels hanging out of the vehicle… are common scenes in the city.


Auto’s shouldn’t carry excess number of passengers, an auto can carry three adult passengers or six children but 10-15 students are crammed into it. Police say we have taken action against a few van drivers for violation of rules and the department would step up the drive to check such violations.


Karnataka Motor Vehicles (conditions for vehicles engaged in transport of school children) Rules, 2012. The fine amount for carrying excess passengers is Rs. 100 per person and drivers are getting away by paying the fine. However, for violation of other permit conditions, drivers will have to pay a penalty in court.

According to the Karnataka Motor Vehicles (conditions for vehicles engaged in transport of school children) Rules, 2012, each school should have a committee to look into safe transportation of children, transportation fee and identification of bus-stops. The committee consisting of representatives of parents, private cab drivers, school staff are responsible for verifying compliance with norms. However, schools have not implemented it and majority are unaware of it.



  1. Parents are responsible for the mess ..inspite of knowing the AUTO WALA carrying more children’s thy send with the same AUTO.. and when police and DC cannot make AUTO run on Meters .. what more can we except … I have seen messages on the same website ..due to MLA thy were getting way.. Tdy we have new MLA let see what change we will have … or we will never change…

  2. I am glad to hear that something is being done for the safety of the children who are hanging out of the autos.

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