Corporation to build shops as alternate for those who lost property in road widening


New complex in Shahpur for those who loose property in Road widening in Shahpur, along with this the same Tender has been changed to accommodate construction of shops near Ganesh Temple corporation shops in Vaccine Depot Road and also at APMC road.

  • The changed tender now says under Package No.27
    Dismantling of existing shops & Construction of commercial shops near Ganesh Temple corporation shops in Vaccine Depot Road
  • Construction of Commercial Shops in Corporation open space of APMC Road as an alternate for them who have lost their land in widening of road in Belagavi.

ccb-boardThis is for the first time that the Corporation has commenced to build something to be given as compensation for the land property acquired in Road widening even before they are acquired or demolished.

Then why is that the same principle or rule was not applied to others like in Ramling Khind Galli; where a few people lost 100% of their house and were forced to stay in the open.

It is still unclear as to whom the said shops which will require another 9 months to come up will be given to and on what basis.


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  1. Just digestive, think of houses, health halls, commercial multiple floor parking in mid market, animal grazing , and compulsory quarantine for nomadics, science centers to hold meetings for all ages?


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