Belgaum Ashwathama Temple unique Holi celebrations

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It is said that the Ashwathama Temple in Pangul Galli in the city is the sole temple in the whole of South India.

There is an annual fest on the second day after Holi. All devotes do a “Lotangan” and water is thrown on the devotees from all the houses. 

Pangul Galli Lontangan In Pangul galli, a large number devotees performed “Lotangan puja” (“urulu seve”) at Ashwathama temple. It is believed that people do the Lotangan after their wish has been granted by the lord. The temple in the narrow street of Pangul Galli houses the idol of the cursed mythical warrior. A large number of devotees made a beeline to perform the lotangan, even as onlookers kept splashing ‘gulal’ on them.

A special pooja is also performed and the temple committee distributed prasad. However, not many visit this shrine during rest of the year thanks to the curse attached to Ashwathama, who was believed to have killed the sons of the Pandavas. It is believed that seeing the idol brings bad luck.

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