Corporation facebbook page makes first impact

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The recently launched Facebook page of Belgaum city corporation is yielding some good results and impact one can say.

Yesterday the encroachment department went to sector 2 , Shivbasava nagar to demolish the third floor of a building. The first complaint of the same was given to the Corporation on 4/11/2011 but no action was taken then. Then an online complaint was filed 18 Nov 2011 on the grievance portal for Violation of Building Bye-Laws.

On 1 Jun 2012, the BCC said –  Sir, the notice have been issued to the party and 321 is proposed send to main office at present work is stopped. Kittur JE North -1, City Corporation Belgaum.

On 27 Jun 2012 – The 321 notice issued & hearing is going in the main office( Building permission Section) . Kittur JE. North Zone -1 City Corporation Belgaum.bccfb1

After the facebook page was launched Aniket posted his complaint on the page on Wednesday 4, July and on Friday the action was taken of demolishing one wall of the third floor and the remaining work has been promise to be demolished on Monday.

On the page as well the commissioner has said “ I would like to appeal to the citizens to make use of this forum to bring to our notice such cases as above which are pending with BCC.”

May be some Good times are here for the people of Belgaum.

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