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Misuse of funds during WKM

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Lokayukta police have registered a case u/s 7 of the Lokayukta act 1984 after the affidavit filed by RTI activist Bhimappa Gadad.

Mr.Gadad has been raising this issue since the event was to be held and now has filed am affidavit regarding the alleged misuse of funds during the World Kannada meet.

He alleges that about Rs.30 crore were mis appropriated by the officials.

In the affidavit, it is stated Rs 1.72 crore were released on February 2 and Rs 2 crore on March 23 to the PWD mostly for roads and and the department also was sure that the said roads were never taken up for repairs under any other head earlier. But in 2009 Rs.2.98 crores were released during the legislature session which brings in doubt.

Other misappropriations alleged are:Over Rs.40 lakhs were spent on mementos which were of sub standard quality. Lodging bills were shown at Rs.4 crores where even bedsheets, beds, blankets, buckets were newly purchased.

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  1. Why these RTI is not raising any voice against Kasab,I was reading somewhere some report says Maharashtra Got spent between 2 to 8 Lakhs rupees a day behind Kasab.
    Its all public money? …….?.


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