Belgaum second to Bangalore in Population

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Today is World Population Day today, and lets have a look at Belgaum’s population

The demographic details of the Census 2011 are still pouring in and Belgaum district is the second most populated district only after Bangalore with a 47,78,439 which makes it 7.82% of the states population.

Belgaum district has also taken a lead over Mysore.

Bangalore—95,88,910—15.69 %

Belgaum—–47,78,439—-7.82 %

Mysore——29,94,774—-4.90 %

Tumkur——26,81,449—-4.39 %

Gulbarga—-25,65,892—-4.20 %

Between 2001-2011 Belgaum contributed 34% to the over all growth in population.

The population of Belgaum district is 47,78,439 out of which 24,27,104 are Males and 23,51,335 are females.

Belgaum district ranks second in the state of Karnataka in terms of population only after Bangalore and Belgaum district accounts for 7.97% of the states entire population.

The decadal growth of population from 2001-2011 is 13.38% which is lower than the previous decdal rate of 17.61%.

The Sex ratio (females per 1000 males) is now 969 which earlier was 960.

The density of population per sq. km has risen to 356 from 314.

When in comes to ranking in terms of density of population per Belgaum is ranked at 8th position where Bangalore is the leader with 4378 people staying in a sq. km.

On the literacy front Belgaum district (73.94%) is on the 16th position which is quite disheartening when we have so many universities in the district.

Males literacy is slightly higher than females and males Literacy ranks Belgaum at 14th position(82.90%) and in terms of females literacy Belgaum district is on 18th position (64.74%). The literacy % of females is still very low and is even below the average literacy rate.

Under the Census 2011 Urban agglomeration and cities the growth of Belgaum is not in tune with other cities in the state.

Belgaum (Municipal Corporation area) population is 488292 and the Belgaum UA(Urban Agglomerations) population is 610189.

The Belgaum UA(Urban Agglomerations) constituents of Belgaum (M Corp.), Goundawad (Part) Shindoli (Part), Belgaum Cantonment, Kakati, Hindalgi, Kangrali (BK), Kangrali, Mutga, Benakanahalli, Peeranwadi, Machche.

Belgaum city, which was projected as the second capital of the State in the recent years, has witnessed a decline in its population by 18,000 in the last one decade.

The growth of Bangalore has been exponential and in the past decade Bangalore added  57.01 lakh people.

All details from the Census India 2011 website.
Belgaum District Census 2011 data

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  1. All the load is on bangalore. More migration into this city each and every year. Govt should act and develope other cities for providing employment to the youth going forward or else this gap will multiple.

  2. But we still dont have , airport, proper bus stand and railway sations, to name a few . However we are God’s blessed children of Belgaum city …

  3. Population of Belgaum town in 1881, (Brit. India) was 939. The present growth in the population of Belgaum is due to people coming and settling in Belgaum. People coming to Belgaum in search of employment or on transfer, coming from Bombay-Karnataka region, places like NK, SK, or to say other parts of Kanataka once they land here they don’t go back to their native places. If you (natives) look around, you will certainly endorse my view.


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