What is the Correct parking fee for cars at Belgaum Railway station Rs.10 or 20 ?


railway-parking belgaum
The board placed at the Car Parking at Belgaum Railway Station

Last week our reader Amit Kulkarni shared an image placed at the car parking slot at Belgaum railway station which says – Parking for 4 Wheeler is Rs.10 for two hours ; but the contractor is charging Rs.20 saying the Board is Old and prices have increased.


Another reader shared the parking ticket on which the Rs.10 printed as per Railway standard was punched and Rs.20 stamped on it.

Parking ticket issued ta Belgaum Railway station
Parking ticket issued ta Belgaum Railway station

Team AAB did some research and found out that Tender Notice No. H/C 300/BGM/Four wheeler Parking/13 was issued on 30.04.2013 to award a contract for a period of THREE years.
In the same Tender the prescribed parking fees is mentioned as Rs.10 per two hours or part thereof.

We were however unable to find the order copy for this tender.
However our research team did find the Hubli station parking order copy which is currently in force upto 2015, where also the prescribed fees mentioned is the same “ Rs.10 per two hours or part thereof.”

So now the question to the common man which is the correct Parking Fee Rs.10 or Rs.20?
If it is Rs.10 then all of us have been looted and who is responsible for this loss?
If it is Rs.20 then why hasnt the board being changed?



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