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Cortical Visual Impairment Clinic for special children establish in KLE Hospital

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KLE Hospital has responded to the long standing demand of North Karnataka to develop a center for management of cortical visual impairment .

A good society is one which provides equal opportunity for all to grow and learn. It is often seen that intellectually challenged children are designated as mentally retarded and ignored when it comes to education. This is more pertinent as studies have now proved that correction of visual defects, if done early and if these children are trained to use their functional vision (seeing through the brain), there is a definite improvement in their IQ. As we all know even a slight improvement in Intelligence Quotient can give these special children a great advantage in survival and day to day activities. Parents often give up on these children usually as there is a lack of guidance and patience. To overcome this, department of Ophthalmology, KLES Dr Prabhakar Kore Hospital and MRC has come up with CVI (Cerebral Visual Impairment) clinic. The clinic is designed in such a way that it provides a secure and welcome environment to the children who are often intimidated by hospitals and clinic. The main motto of this clinic is that these special children need personalized one to one evaluation, interaction and care as each kid and his problems are unique.
This is exactly what is missed in the routine assessment of these children. A child who has better vision will have a better understanding of his environment and will be able to perform better in his day today activities. This comes as a boon to parents who want to have better rehabilitation for their children and used to wander in metro cities to find help for their children.

The center was inaugurated on 12thFebraury in the Department of Ophthalmology, KLES Dr Prabhakar Kore Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Belagavi.

It was inaugurated by Dr Anand Vinekar, Head of Department of Pediatric Retina, Narayana Nethralaya and Programme Director KIDROP, Bangalore and Dr V A Kothiwale Registrar KAHER.
Dr Mahesh kamate neuropaediatrician is instrumental in establishment of this clinic. Dr Smitha Prabhu who is a PHD in paediatric ophthalmology will be in charge of this clinic.The center was possible due to special efforts by Dr Aravind Tenagi Professor and head of Department of Ophthalmologist in KLE . Speaking in the occasion Dr MV Jali the Medical Directors of KLEs Dr Prabhakar Kores Hospital and Medical Research Center said that this center will be unique and first of its type in this entire region. Dr V D Patil who is amongst the senior most pediatrician in the city underlined that after a long time the much needed help is being given out to these special children who otherwise would be dependent and given no scope for growth.

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Dr Smitha Prabhu explained that the center has been fashioned to provide a healthy and friendly environment to the special children and that there is a definite improvement in the children with visual stimulation that can give a survival advantage to these children .

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The center is now open for all and parents will be definitely relieved of their anxiety for their special children .

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  1. Good News For Infants.. A fine progressive and noble venture in the ophthalmic field for visually impaired children. My good wishes to this new eye centre of KLE Soc. Dr. Kore’s Hospital,at Belagavi.


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