Council meets GST commissioner

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A delegation of the Past Presidents Council and the GST Tax Bar Association met Shri Srikar M.S. C, Chief Commissioner Of Commercial Taxes and GST

Satish Tendolkar, President of the Council brought to the notice of the Chief Commissioner GST that at present traders and industrialists are ready to opt and pay taxes under GST and also comply but the procedure laid down online is very critical. Also, he added that many tax evasion and non controlled systems is affecting the genuine dealers. He said law should be same for all and strictly implemented.

Shri Vishal Yadwad, C A and GST practitioner narrated the hardship faced by the dealers as well as professionals regarding the filing of Trans 1 and refunds.

Shri Rajendra Joshi CA brought to the knowledge of the Commissioner regarding problems faced by the dealers in Registration, EWay Bill, HSN code identification, movement of goods and Reverse Charge mechanism.

A detailed memorandum was submitted by Shri Satish Tendolkar which will be discussed in the GST council meeting held at Delhi.

comm gst 1Speaking to the occasion Chief Commissioner Shri Srikar M.S. said that GST Dept is very much concern and with the honest dealer. They will see that full justice is given to the honest dealers. At the same time, the enforcement dept is having a close watch on the irregular practice by some dealers. He also said that there will be a close watch on the movement of goods by the transporter. He added, that in future all illegal transport of goods by passenger buses will be penalized.

Members also highlighted the serious problems faced by the unauthorized and unregistered sales initiated in the city.

Commissioner assure the members that the separate enforcement drive will be initiated for checking the authenticity of sales.

He congratulated the dealers of Belagavi for cooperating and adopting new tax regime GST. He also added that the Belagavi Dist is collecting 90 crore per month as SGST which is a positive sign. He also said that the number of defaulters are also considerable. He appealed to the trade and industry fertility to take benefits of Kar Samadhan Scheme under CST before October 31.

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