Splendiferous Gen X gardens by Krishna Chavan

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In times where everything is instant… Well, almost everything- have you ever thought of getting a resplendent landscaped garden made ready in 24 hours?

Yes!! It is possible and Krishna Chavan from Belagavi makes it accomplishable for you who is a landscape designer and an expert in setting up instant botanical gardens.

Krishna Chavan garden landscaping

Mr. Chavan, an Agriculture Science graduate, who has established gardens in different parts of the country and in other Asian countries. Having participated India in flower shows held in Bhutan and the famed one in Dubai, Chavan has also incorporated more utilitarian and urban themes like a modern indoor garden, chrysanthemum garden and also a butterfly garden.

Krishna Chavan (Founder of Ratnashri landscapers) has an acclaim as a landscape designer and has worked on installations involving very many themes. 

Krishna Chavan garden landscapingHe has been taking spectators through the Orient via the Zen Garden featuring water bodies, Buddha busts, and pebbles, to arid Mexico and Latin American regions through the Succulents and Cacti garden, to flower fields of the Netherlands and more, the floral displays are diverse in composition. 

Krishna Chavan is a new age entrepreneur who has changed the way we look at the mother nature, by his innovative and creative approach towards the use of space in the form of Landscape Gardening, instant gardening, and Ikebana Floral Art.

Krishna has always felt fascinated by nature since his childhood and that is why he pursued his graduation in landscaping. He began in a humble way, catering to the needs and demands of people who wanted a beautiful garden but did not want to spend much. Making a garden is not everyone’s cup of tea, the soil has to be tested, the local weather plays a very important role, then the entire landscape has to be studied and then, just like an architect designs a home, the landscape design is prepared and then executed.

A beautiful garden can create an ambiance of positive energy with the help of Vaastu Shaastra and if you are a believer/follower /fan of Vaastu Shastra then those aspects will also be considered. Gardens can include, a vegetable garden, aromatic and medicinal herbs/plants, ornamental garden, plants that produce maximum oxygen and a compost. It all depends on the need, location and weather.

Krishna also teaches and trains in Ikebana floral art (Japanese art of flower management), Bonsai culture, fruit and vegetable dry and natural flower arrangement, events, party decorations and terrace gardening, and he has already trained over 15,000 women in the above art.

Krishna Chavan garden landscaping

Mr.Chavan says, I am an innovative landscape solution specialist and have had years of experience in designing and installing cost-effective, commercial landscapes. I always prefer to lay focus on local plants, so that they can survive in the local environment. Getting imported plants is a new fad, but it must match the local weather otherwise, the plants tend to die.

He has recently started the vertical garden creation as a backdrop for marriages and functions, where it earlier used to be mere flower decoration (where flowers were cut from plants and used.) He now uses the entire flowering plants itself on stage and elsewhere and after the function, the same can be carried away and installed again in the home or garden. This is an innovative concept and is slowly picking up since with this environment-friendly concept, we saving even caring for Mother Nature.

Krishna Chavan garden

He was awarded at Ramoji Film City (Best Talent award), Landscaping Expo in 2015, Flower Show Pune, Department of horticulture just to name a few of his achievements and recognition.

Speaking to AAB, Krishna Chavan said “I have worked on these themes keeping in mind respect for nature and nativity. Each theme features different category of plants, like those that are rich-in-nectar, flowers for the butterfly garden, plants appropriate for vertical gardens- the list endless and stretches according to our imagination. . .”

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