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Councillor installs CCTV to catch litterbugs in his ward

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The Lanes of Ward no.3 (Angol C scheme, RC Nagar 2nd Stage, part of Raghvednra Colony,Parvati nagar,Laxmi Nagar,Guruprasad Colony, Kaveri Nagar parts of Bhavani Nagar) had a few black spots where the citizens used to litter waste in public places.

Local councillor Deepak Jamkhandi has installed CCTV cameras at these black spots on his own to stop this littering.

Residents must be sensitised about maintaining a clean neighborhood, said Jamkhandi. Even Banners quoting not to litter waste in open places as this is under CCTV survelinace have also been put up.

cctv-jamkhandiThe camera will identify the culprits who throw the waste on road and litter. All those found littering would be fined.

Jamkhandi also requested not to litter waste at public places as there are hidden CCTVs for surveillance. This step has worked and 40% littering has reduced however still there are some citizens who do it in purpose and will be dealt with strict punishment in Our Ward.

4 thoughts on “Councillor installs CCTV to catch litterbugs in his ward”

  1. Well done Mr. Jamkhandi – hope the people can join his fight against littering in public. Fine the people who are caught on camera so they dont repeat the act.

  2. well done sir, every corner of Smart city should have this facility form govt to identify guilty persons
    involve in all antisocial activities


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