Still Red Signal to Passport office Belagavi

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In September, 2017 to an RTI reply for our query the MEA had said –
The ministry of External affairs is in the process of completing the necessary formalities like selection/ preparation of the site, procurement of equipment’s etc for the opening of POPSK at Belagavi.

We further asked for all the minutes of meetings held for the establishment and now it is clear that, the POPSK Belagavi is awaiting Furniture from the Ministry of External affairs (MEA). The latest correspondence dated 26-07-2017 states –

Space on the first floor GPO CAMP was identified and white washing and electrical rewiring has been done. However network cabling was not done as the furniture are yet to be supplied by MEA. It is also ascertained by the RPO Bengaluru that the process of procurement of furniture may take some more time.

Now we again filed an RTI to know if there has been any correspondence or meetings after September 1, 2017, and the reply states

No correspondence/ meetings were made by the Dept of Posts wither with the Ministry of external affairs or the state Govt.

From this reply it is very clear that the dream of having a passport office in Belagavi has been broken and with no official correspondence with the dept of Posts, which is to host the POPSK it is very likely this will only remain as an announcement on paper.

So after 26-07-2017 there has been no correspondence, nor any meetings have been held for the commencement of the POPSK Belagavi, hence should we assume that POPSK Belagavi has got a RED signal.

4 thoughts on “Still Red Signal to Passport office Belagavi”

  1. I don’t think so they wanna do anything about it they just wanna make people fools they r” the laziest bugs” don’t trust there talks

  2. Dear Editor,

    I remember our MP was talking a lot about POPSK when HRD ministry allotted to Belagavi and I still remember he was trying to take all credit. Now I would like to know is there anything that we can highlight him on the currant status of Belagavi POPSK?
    If this cannot be highlighted then then some more people like me read this and cant do anything other than writing comments and blaming politicians.

    Lets think how this can be highlighted to respective authority and ask the reason for not holding any meeting and not taking any steps of getting POPSK.

    I know AAB is playing big role of sharing news and the status, but lets think out of the box and take an additional responsibility of highlighting issues to right authorities and ask for the reason

  3. Dear Editor, Twitter is the quickest way to get response because it starts trending and goes to Passport ministry. Please request relevant people to use Twitter to get it expedited. Thank you!


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