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COUNSELLING – A need of the Hour

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What must have led this student to end her life in such a manner two weeks ago at Tilakwadi?




May be all of the above!!!!

This incident highlights the stark reality that our mental health is as important as (if not more) physical health .Timely intervention and proper counseling can help to avoid such drastic measures.

All of us at some point of time, face difficult situations which seem to have no solutions at that time. A large number of people can be helped merely by listening emphatically thus establishing a caring human interaction, which makes the disturbed individual open to solve his problem . This is called personal counseling.

Counseling – or personal counseling has never been more needed than it is today .There is an urgent need to rescue toxic and failing relationship-the relationship of man with himself, within families & within the society.

Physical well being and health is given the highest priority……has anyone ever thought as much about emotional well being and mental health?

Statistics show that the rate of psychological disturbances leading to suicide marital breakups, Depression, Addiction etc is increasing at an alarming rate in our society.

To counter declining emotional health the stigma attached to counseling needs to be removed and an awareness needs to be created about the need & availability of help.

Counseling provides an un-biased meaningful human interaction between people. The fast paced competitive urban world the compulsion to succeed ,Break-up of Joint families system, single child norm has all contributed to the serious requirement of counseling services.

As active & vigilant citizens of our society we need to be aware or keep our eyes open to observe all those who are in need of support & ensure that they get help at the right time.

No one should hesitate to seek for help.

Taking help is a sign of strength.

About the Author:

The author Mrs. Angeli Pandit, MS in Counselling & Psychotherapy has been handling a number of cases of Marital Discord, Depression, Adolescent & Relationship Issues etc at her counseling centre “MIND FUNDA”, Somvar peth Tilakwadi, Belagavi for the last five years. Mobile no 9341412744.

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