Couple committed suicide on railway track

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A couple threw themselves infront of a coming railway near third gate this evening and committed suicide. 

The dead have been identified as Vikram and Smita Patil who were residents of Vaibhav nagar Belagavi.  

A case has been registered.  

They committed this act out of depression caused out of family matters and also some financial issues sources said. 

6 thoughts on “Couple committed suicide on railway track”

  1. Since the rail route is passing through densely populated areas , the stretch has become a Haunted place for commuting suicides . Hope the authorities fence the route

  2. It is high time we have some kind of security in place in this rail track stretch. It is unfortunate that people choose this as means to end their life but more likely are taking the past incidents as inferences and committing the same. 🙁

  3. Belgaum railway track is been a sucide spot these days… i dont understand people, is this a silly step to take or most daring?? Anyways this very wrong.. Being Belgaumite we should think abt somethings which will reduse this issue off killing self in railyway track.. why wont we all raise voice to fence out the track till ends of city limits and put up some motivating thoughts in kannada hindi and english!!

  4. Please Share your problems with close one, parents, relative, friends……..
    don’t commit suicide, behind you so many people will be sad, crying
    tell god you give me as much as problem, I will hit back,fight back
    Mental & Physical be strong yar, If u need any help come out of depression you can contact me.
    God Please help all……..


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