Court says demolition was illegal awards compensation for a Kelkar Bag businessman

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The city Corporation had undertaken demolition work in Kelkar Bag for the VKS(Vishwa Kannada Sammelana). The Yadav brothers had approached the court in this regard and the court in its judgement has stated that the demolition in this case was illegal and the Corporation should rebuild the shop premises of 68 sq.Mtrs and also pay a compensation of Rs.15000 per month from the time of demolition.

A series of shops were demolished during the preparations of the VKS in February 2011. The said premises CTS 1768 of 68 Sq mtrs originally belonged to the Marathes who then sold the same to Santosh Ganpat Yadav and Deepak Ganpat Yadav. During 1993 when the College road was widened and as a [art of the compensation permission was given to build the structure.

The corporation still says they havent received the order and once they get it they will see what to do.

But this seems to be victory of the law, said the Yadav Brothers.

4 thoughts on “Court says demolition was illegal awards compensation for a Kelkar Bag businessman”

  1. the court should also pass order that compenstation should be paid from the salary of corporation heads or people in the govt who directed to demolish shops. it should not be tax payers money from the govt coffers.

    • I admire your concern. but nothing of that sort is gonna happen. it is interpreted as people's representatives are using people's money… so people's rep made a mistake… so indirectly people made a mistake… hence it will be the govt coffers that will pay the price.

      • well the salary paid to these people is from tax payers money ( I dont think they do any productive work to generate income), the only thing is if deducted from their salary they will feel the pinch and next time they would think 100 times before taking any decision.


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