COVID positives with no travel history are alarming: State denies Community spread

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The increasing number of cases without any travel history could be an indication that community transmission has begun.

Speaking to the Sakal, Dr.Sashikant Muniyal District health officer has been quoted “ For the past 8-10 days there has been Community spread in the district. The coming 4 weeks are crucial and one must abide by the rules in place to stop the spread.”

If one sees the 20 positive cases of 07-07-2020 all of them have no travel history which is really very alarming.

A five-year-old girl from Hindlaga has also tested positive with no travel history and contacts under tracing.


Community transmission is the stage when the source of the infection cannot be traced and a large number of people are affected.

The Karnataka government on Tuesday told a central team that there is no community transmission of the coronavirus in the state, PTI reported.

Karnataka minister JC Madhuswamy had on Monday expressed fears about community transmission in the state, saying the “situation is going out of hand”, ANI reported.

There is no community spread so far, I am making it very clear,” Karnataka Health Minister B Sriramulu told reporters following the meeting. “We are still in between the second [local transmission] and the third stage [community spread], we haven’t reached the third stage yet.”

The government’s claim that there was no community spread of Covid-19 comes at a time when the number of positive cases has skyrocketed in the state, especially in Bengaluru.

People should strictly follow precautions and maintain social distancing to stop the spread.

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