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617 people were killed in accidents in 2010

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In overall 607 accidents in the district, 617 people were killed in the year 2010, said Sandeep Patil, Superintendent of Police, Belgaum.

A sum of Rs.98,78,475 was recovered as spot fines under 62723 cases filed under the motor vehicles act in the past year.

In 2010 a total of 916 cases of theft were reported to the tune of Rs.7,05,98,815 out of which valuables worth Rs.5,15,31,331 was recovered.

Police has also seized about 9200 pirated CD’s worth Rs.12,20,200.

2 thoughts on “617 people were killed in accidents in 2010”

  1. May few life could have saved if department properly taken measures to campaign to Use of HELMETS for all two wheelers. I don't know whether PULIC FORGOTTEN OR Police Department or State government or Court has abonden OR relaxed this rule of compulsory wearing of Helmets while driving, for two wheeler. Even though it is in the public interest to wear helmets, While initially it is made compulsory in belgaum that every one while driving two wheeler to wear helmets and imposed fines for not wearing helmets. BUT AFTER YEAR OR MORE NO ONE IS WEARING HELMETS ? No advertisments , no fines no objections from Police. If this is the case why forced to public to buy or purchase HELMETS ? IF WEARING OF HELMETS MADE COMPULSORY ATLEAST ON HIGHWAYS DEATH TOLL MAY BE REDUCED.

  2. Take a my own example a few days back i.e. on 18/12/2010 a Trafic Police Officer checking my and other people vehicle documents at 11.15 p.m. near shivaji garden shahapur belgaum. I showned all documents and one of certificate i.e. Emmission test certificate is time barred. Officer fined me 100/- for the same & gave me challan. After that i asked officer is there helmet is compulsory in belgaum for two wheeler?'. He has no reply. IF WEARING OF HELMETS MADE COMPULSORY ATLEAST ON HIGHWAYS DEATH TOLL MAY BE REDUCED


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