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Filmi style loot at RC Nagar

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In almost filmi style, robbers looted 7 lakhs and Innova car from RC Nagar. The thieves entered the house by cutting the window and locked all the 5 family members in a room on the top floor.

They thieves took away 320 grams of gold, one lakh cash and also took away their Innova car as well.

Police sources said that the robbers came into the house at about 3am and took hostage Mr.Kurtadkar, his wife and 3 children, locked them on the top floor and then took away the booty.

The Innova car was later found in Hubli unattended. A case has been registered with the Udyambag Police Station.

The number of robberies happening in city has grown many folds in the past month.


5 thoughts on “Filmi style loot at RC Nagar”

  1. So it also means that the police have to work hard. It doesnt make sense that if people are getting richer and richer , the security should be less. Well, we can take a look of the cops of big cities who beat hte shit out of the thieves.

  2. The lockers in Banks should be utilised to the hilt. Cash and jewellery in such proportions should not be kept at home.


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